Be Yourself Ventures is a firm that engages into developing and publishing of Games & App for mobile devices. Games & Apps are developed for all platforms including Apple and Android for the local and international market. We also engage in IT Solution and E Commerce.

We also help tech based start ups with mentoring and strategic guidance which will help them scale their businesses and break out and reach their ultimate potential.

Promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and vision is our goal and we do it through start up incubation and sometimes angel investment. The team at Be Yourself Ventures looks out for potential entrepreneurs, courageous founders and disruptive start-ups that the team believes has the potential to be a globally recognized company and that can disrupt the industry it is in and will significantly contribute to our lives and the way we do things.

We look and search for these potential start ups, be it in IT and technology driven industry and we listen to their ideas, their business plan and their vision and we help them by nurturing from the start with mentoring and strategic guidance so that they can expand and scale their business and disrupt the industry they are in by innovating their journey towards their vision.

What we do

Most of the start-ups in our country cannot scale due to the lack of proper guidance and technical support. We at Be Yourself Ventures assess the business model and plan of the potential start-up and if it matches with our policy/guideline then we join hands with them as Angels and provide them with Angel Investment in some cases. We also help these start-ups with proper mentoring, guidance and strategic support to expand and grow their business. We are always with them throughout their journey towards their vision.