We are always in the hunt for the next big thing and the visionary, passionate, creative and courageous founders and entrepreneurs who will reach their potential and will dictate the future.

We are constantly meeting companies and visionary entrepreneurs and start ups to listen and discuss their ideas and potential and their business plan.

If you think you are visionary and creative and passionate enough about your idea, business or start up and if you think you and your business has what it takes to be then get in touch with the team of Be Yourself Ventures so that we can evaluate your business plan and guide you to reach its ultimate potential and be a mentor and strategic partner along your journey.

Be Yourself Ventures Limited Portfolio Companies –


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Crashedeal is a unique online marketplace platform that offers a pioneering method for the customers to discover the best available deals in the market, resulting into lots of saving and a fantastic overall experience. Crashedeal Limited concentrates mostly on coupon-based promotions and offers with an eye to accumulate all kinds of customer needs starting from Food & Restaurants to Retail Shopping to Beauty & Salon services and the list goes on

Crashedeal offers a fantastic website and an advanced mobile app for the online shoppers, to avail the exclusive deals available in the market. And for the merchants, Crashedeal happens to offer an exceptional panel consisting of traffic, click and relevant analysis with the objective to help their business grow.


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Be Yourself Games is an innovative indie video games development company focused on creating and producing high-quality mobile games for the local and international market.

The company is founded with a vision to be a dominant player in the mobile games industry combining its expertise, creative talent and technology and passion of the entrepreneurs and the talent involved at Be Yourself Games. The development team consists of successful and passionate professionals in the gaming industry and are driven by their confidence and passion to develop the games to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

The company focuses mostly on casual and hyper casual games and it works both locally and internationally with renowned names in the international gaming industry.


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Spend n Gain is a unique members only E-commerce platform. As a registered member of the site, members will get the privilege to enjoy up to 99% discount on campaign products throughout the year. Membership is free.

The site features different campaign throughout the month and year and one must be a registered member to participate in the campaign to be eligible to buy the offer product at the end of the campaign period.